Dosbarth Brecon 2017 - 2018

Miss Rodenhurst

Year 1 teacher

The aliens are still yet to return our underpants, but fear not, in year 1 we have been working super hard to catch the aliens and ask kindly for our underpants back! J


  • Guided reading sessions
  • Writing activity – ‘Writing a letter’
  • High frequency words - games
  • ICT – Writing activity ‘What I know about space?’


  • Measuring using objects (non-standard units)
  • Continued estimation but linked to measurements

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

  • Using ICT resources (J2Coding) to visit the different planets – focus on movements and directions travelled.


  • Focus on ‘Rydw i’n hoffi…’ (Introduced last week but to be explored further this week adding detail to the sentences and introducing ‘Dydw i ddim yn hoffi…’ to work on expressing opinions in Welsh.


  • We will be looking at a piece of artwork ‘Starry Night’ by the artist Vincent Van Gogh whilst exploring and experimenting with different materials and textiles such as – art paper, shaving foam, food colourings and using different techniques.


  • Gymnastics – Continue to practise their gymnastics shapes and actions on the apparatus


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