Uned Coch 2017 - 2018

Mrs Richards

Early Years teacher

Week Beginning – 16.04.18

We have all decided that our new topic for Early Years this summer term is going to be about Animals.

This week we will be reading the book ‘Can’t you Sleep, Little Bear?’ by Martin Waddell


Language, Literacy & Communication Skills:

  • Guided reading sessions
  • Phonic sessions
  • Retelling the story of ‘Can’t you Sleep, Little Bear?’ using story sack resources and ipads.


Mathematical Development:

  • Estimation – starting to understand that we can make sensible guesses about collection of toys/ items.
  • Completing estimation activities in Forest School.


Personal and Social Development:

  • Circle time ~ thinking about and discussing friendship. What does it mean to be a good friend? What can we do if someone is sad? How can we be a good friend?


Digital Development (ICT):

  • Using ‘Puppet Pals’ app on the ipads to recreate and retell the story of ‘Can’t you Sleep, Little Bear?’


Creative Development:

  • Making and creating their own pictures/ models linked to the book ‘Can’t you Sleep, Little Bear?’ using different materials, tools, textures and even 3D effects. This work will be displayed on our corridor.



Physical Development:

Starting to prepare for our Mini Olympic (Sports) day on Friday 25th May 2018. This week we will be introducing and looking at these skills:

  • Tennis skills
  • Hockey skills
  • Javelin
  • Bean bag throwing


Welsh Language Development:

  • Helpwr Heddiw sessions
  • Focussed session looking at prepositions: Put the teddy in different places – take turns asking ‘Ble mae teddi?’

Demonstate teddy – yn y bocs, ar y bocs, wrth y bocs.


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