Uned Glas 2017 - 2018

Mrs Stapley

Early Years Teacher

Uned Glas

A warm welcome to the Uned Glas class page! This is where you will find all the information, news and photos relating to Uned Glas.


The staff teaching in Uned Glas are;

Mrs Stapley - class teacher

Mrs Mackay -  teaching assistant

Mrs Blacknell - teaching assistant

Mrs Haldane - teaching assistant


If you have any  questions please feel free to pop in and see me or contact the school.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Mrs Stapley

Week Beginning – Monday 5th February

Focus – Supertato


Language, Literacy & Communication Skills:

  • Superhero Phonics –

Oren – I spy with my little eye (group 1 sounds s a t p i n )

Gwyrdd/Glas – As above with group 2 sounds - ck, e, h, r, m, d.

Porffor – CVC words

Coch – Set 1 and 2 key words

Ext – Muddled sentences


Mathematical Development:

  • Number formation and recognition
  • Compare and order numbers to at least 10
  • Compare and order numbers to at least 20
  • Understand and use concept of ‘one more’ one less in their play – We are becoming money experts! Keep working on this at home!


Knowledge & Understanding of the World:

  • Which material would make the best superhero cape?


Personal and Social Development, Well-Being & Cultural Diversity:

  • To be able to dress/ undress themselves ready for their PE lesson
  • Being a superhero friend!


Creative Development:

  • Using junk modelling can you create a trap for Evil Pea? What will you need? Use your problem-solving skills to help!


Welsh Language Development:

  • HH sessions continued
  • Introduction of food names.


Physical Development –

  • Dance related to food – Little Red Hen story.





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