Uned Melyn 2017 - 2018

Mrs Skellon

Early Years teacher

Week Beginning – Monday 16th October 2017

Focus – Little Red Riding Hood


Language, Literacy & Communication Skills:

  • Read the story of Little Red Riding Hood
  • Act out the story in Grandma’s cottage roleplay area
  • Create a get well soon card for Grandma
  • Create a shopping list of items to cheer Grandma up (Group porffor a coch)
  • Tracking Writing Assessment – instructions to make porridge.
  • Reading - Reception


Mathematical Development:

  • Looking at direction using the Beebot’s to find our way to Grandma’s house.
  • What’s the time Mr Wolf?


Knowledge & Understanding of the World:

  • Problem solving using maps and looking at creating our own maps through the forest.


Personal and Social Development, Well-Being & Cultural Diversity:

  • To be able to dress/ undress themselves ready for their PE lesson
  • Stranger danger


Welsh Language Development:

  • Helpwr Heddiw sessions


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School Council, by Mrs Skellon

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