Breakfast Club

At Borras Park Community Primary School we operate a free breakfast club on both sites where the children can have breakfast and play with their friends.  Children can attend at any time from 8.25am in Foundation Phase and 8.15 in KS2, although the doors open earlier for Parents who need to use the Child Care element which is a paid service offered by the Council. There is a daily fee of £1 paid in advance at the beginning of the week via the Council online system for parents who wish to use the Child Care element.

Doors open at 8.00 am in Foundation Phase and 7.50 am in KS2. Latest time for admission to Breakfast Club is 8.40am in Foundation Phase and 8.30 in KS2 so that children have time to eat their breakfast and get to class on time.

The children are taken to class ready for registration at 9.00am. in Foundation Phase and 8.50 in KS2.

When children attend Breakfast Club they must sign in for breakfast on both sites where they are offered a healthy breakfast – cereal, toast, fruit and milk.  

Once the children have finished eating their breakfast, they have the opportunity to socialise with their friends either indoors or outdoors, giving them a healthy, active start to the school day.

We do have just a few rules:

  • Entry to the car park is not permitted due to health and safety concerns – please leave your car in a nearby road, or better still...walk.

  • We would be grateful if all parents hand over their children with a cheery wave and positive start to the day. If you delay the handover children soon pick up on this and will get clingy. We are sure you can appreciate this is a security issue - the health and safety of the children is paramount.

  • Staff are on hand to help children choose their breakfast and take it to the table.  We would ask that parents only sign the registers at the door as they hand them over, otherwise you may be charged  for the session.

If you would like your child to attend, please fill in the registration form attached and return it to school.  There is no need to pre-book, just turn up. 



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