How to help my child handwriting

Parents often ask 'How do I help my child handwriting?'

Don't worry if they have problems holding a pencil at first.

Activities to strengthen hand muscles such as helping make sandwiches, squeezing clothes pegs or bubble wrap, gripping the handlebars of a bike all help to strengthen those muscles needed to hold a pencil, and later a pen.

They will often swap hands until they find the grip they are comfortable with and it is important not to force the issue too early as this will develop naturally as one side of the brain takes over.

Children will often hold the pencil in a fist -like grip or hold it at the top which makes control very difficult, however be reassured that they want to hold the pencil or crayon to make marks and allow time and patience for the grip to become more refined.

A little trick to help your child is to slide the pencil down your child's arm and into their hand and they naturally form a tripod grip as the pencil slides between their thumb and forefingers.



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