All parents are issued with the Incubation and Exclusion Periods of the Commoner Infectious Diseases from the Department of Public Health Medicine and should follow the advice outlined in it.

Guidance for Incubation of Infectious diseases


When the cause is unknown, any child with a rash, diarrhoea or who is generally unwell should be excluded until medical advice has been obtained, or until the child has recovered. Family or other contacts should not be excluded as a routine.


In cases of confirmed Chickenpox, Fifth Disease and Rubella it is important that the Headteacher is made aware so that women of child-bearing age can be informed.

If your child is sick and unable to attend school, no extra work will be given during the first week of absence but the class teacher will be pleased to organise work for them during the second week or longer.

If your child is accidentally injured or becomes ill in school we will make every effort to contact you.

Please ensure all contact numbers are up to date.

Parents are informed of any “head bumps” either verbally in person, in writing or by telephone. Depending upon the severity of the bump, you may be asked to come and collect your child from school. If we fail to contact a parent and feel that the child needs further attention we will call for an ambulance.


If your child returns to school and is still on prescribed medication, parents are asked to administer the medicine themselves at lunchtime, or complete a school consent form. This applies only to medicines prescribed by your Doctor which are clearly labelled. 

Children who need regular treatment daily may leave their inhalers, epi-pens, etc, with the class teacher along with a written consent form completed by the parents. All medicines need to be clearly labelled.

You must keep school informed if your child is diagnosed with Asthma. Forms are available from either school office.



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