Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mr R. Nicholson - Headteacher

Mrs J. Jones - Deputy Headteacher


Mrs M. Roxburgh - Foundation Phase site admin

Mrs J. Strudwick -  KS 2 site admin


Infant Department Teachers

Early Phase

Miss L Dale and Mrs J Jones - Uned Melyn Teachers 

Mrs G. Richards - Uned Coch Teacher and Early Years Manager

Miss A. Goodchild - Uned Glas Teacher

Later Phase

Miss J. Rodenhurst - Year 1 Dosbarth Brecon Teacher and Foundation Phase Leader

Mrs I. Edwards  - Year 1 Dosbarth Moel Famau Teacher

Mrs M. Williams - Dosbarth Y GarnTeacher HIU

Mrs N Beake - Year 2 Dosbarth Fferna Teacher

Mrs. Stapley - Year 2 Dosbarth Gron Teacher

Miss J. Richards - Additional Learning Needs Teacher and ALNco

KS2 Department Teachers

Miss L Jones -  Year 3 Teacher Dosbarth Tarw

Mr R. Stock -  Year 3 Teacher Dosbarth Arenig

Ms H Kelso - Year 4 Teacher Dosbarth Cribyn

Miss C. Gough -  Year 4 Teacher Dosbarth Cadair Bronwen

Mrs C. Davies - Year 5 Teacher Dosbarth Tryfan

Mr H Hughes -  Year 5 Teacher Dosbarth Cadair Idris

Mrs B. Wynn  - Year 6 Teacher Dosbarth Glyder

Mrs K. Small - Year 6 Teacher Dosbarth Y Wyddfa

Mrs N. Griffiths - Additional Learning Needs Teacher and ALNco

Mrs D Somerlaad - Dosbarth Pen y Fan  KS2 HIU


Infant Department Teaching Assistants               

 Mrs Rachel Owen -  Teaching Assistant - Coch

Mrs T. Cayton -  Teaching Assistant - Coch

Mrs L. Monks - Teaching Assistant - Glas

Mrs D. Povey - Teaching Assistant - Melyn

Mrs N. Blacknell -  Teaching Assistant - Coch

Mrs L. Haldane -  Teaching Assistant - Glas

Mrs S. Mackay -  Teaching Assistant - Melyn

Ms V Joy - Teaching Assistant - Melyn


Later Phase

Mrs L. Pugh -  Year 1 and 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss K Moore - Year 1 Teaching Assistant - Brecon

Miss L. Pugh - Year 1 Teaching Assistant - Moel Famau

Mrs S. Brackenbury -  HIU Teaching Assistant

Ms C. Rose - HIU Teaching Assistant

Mrs M McGinnis - HIU Teaching Assistant

Mrs V. Valentine -  Year 2 Teaching Assistant  - Fferna

Mrs L Bateman - Year 2 Teaching Assistant - Gron

Mr R Edwards - Year 2 1:1 support worker



Junior Department Teaching Assistants

Mrs J. Jones -  Teaching Assistant 

Mrs S. Moulton Wilde -Teaching Assistant a.m.

Mrs R. Hughes - HIU Teaching Assistant

Miss H. Crouch -  Teaching Assistant

Ms Leanne Dawkins- HIU Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Whitehand -  Year 4 Teaching Assistant 1:1 support

Mrs C Legname - Year 4 Teaching Assistant 1:1 support

Ms J. Tasker -  Teaching Assistant 1:1 support

Mrs S. Mort - Teaching and clerical assistant


Mr Andy Davies- Caretaker Infant Site



Borras Park Community Primary School

Borras Park Road

Wrexham, LL12 7TH

Tel: 01978 346890