Moving up to KS2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What times do we need to be in school?       

A. The Junior day runs from 8.45 to 3.15

Q. Is there still breakfast club in KS2?                     

A. Yes, breakfast club is free for now. The children enter breakfast club from 8 a.m. onwards                             through the front or back gate and the entrance door is at the back. After they have                                     eaten their breakfast in the school hall where they also eat dinner, they go out on the playground.

.Q.  How much do dinners cost?

A. Dinners cost £2.40 in KS2 compared to £2.35 in Foundation Phase.

Q. Is the uniform different?

A. There are no changes in uniform between the two sites - please see link to Sarah's embroidery. Please make sure all items are named as the lost property pile on KS2 site is even bigger than the one in Foundation Phase! We try to make children more independent as they go up to KS2 so they need to be reminded to be reponsible for their own belongings! Believe us they only get worse as they get older! 

Q. What do the children do for snack?

A. Snack has to be a healthy option on either site. In Foundation Phase children buy snack at £1 a week, KS2 children bring their own snack which they can access at break time. This should be fruit or healthy cereal bars, yoghurt, cheese etc. No confectionery, crisps or cake allowed, although crisps and cake can be eaten at lunch.

Q. What happens when I drop my child off in the morning?

A. Children can enter the site at the front or back gate where they walk on to the yard and only enter the building when they hear the electric bell ring.There is no car parking on site.

Q. What happens when I pick my child up after school?

A. Parents arrange to meet their child at the front or back of school where the large gate is unlocked at the end of the day. Year 3 teachers escort the children to the front and rear gates for the first half of the Autumn term and it is important to develop a consistent routine so that your child knows which gate they are going to be picked up at. After half term children are encouraged to make their own way to the gate, although they know to come back into school if their adult is not there to meet them

Q. What kind of bag do I need?

A. There are no specific rules on bags as long as once again you make sure all their belongings are named. They will be responsible for looking after their PE kit, football kit, swimming items, musical instruments and any other accessories they need for their various clubs. 

Q. When can I start using a pen?

A. Children use a pencil until their handwriting reaches a sufficient standard for them to earn a pen licence. This is for obvious reasons - once they are writing in pen they should not be making mistakes which need to be rubbed out. A pen licence is a huge achievement and deserves to be celebrated.

Q. Can I bring a pencil case to school?

A. Children like to have their own pencil case for their pencils, pens, coloured pencils, sharpener and rubber etc. 

Q. Do they have desks in the Juniors?

A. No but you will haveyour own drawer on the table where you sit to keep your pencil case and reading books etc. 

Q. Do you change classes in the Juniors?

A. You will be put in sets for Maths and English literacy, so you may have different teachers in the morning, depending what sets you are in. You work with your class in the afternoon.

Q. Do they have clubs in the Juniors?

A. Yes there are lots of clubs such as craft club, netball, drama, tennis and also choir.

Q. What do I do if my child goes to After School Club?

A. After School Club is currently based on the Foundation Phase site. Children from KS2 assemble in the ICT room if they are in Playscheme after school, and they are collected by staff at 3.15 p.m.Staff have a register of children booked in. Staff need to know if children are being picked up early when they are due in club or if they have football, netball or other club after school where they will be picked up by staff later. 



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