Pupil Parliament

What is Pupil Parliament? 

Pupil Parliament is structured in the same way as the government and is made up of different sub-committees. Each of these committees have a specific role in improving Borras Park Primary School. 

Pupil Parliament promotes pupil voice, enabling children to develop valuable ideas using their key roles of responsibility and leadership. It allows pupils from all year groups to be actively involved in the way that the school is run. Pupil Parliament benefits the whole school, pupils and teachers because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their opinions as well as influence the decisions that are made on their behalf. Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life and enjoy making their voices heard. Mr Nicholson runs the Pupil Parliament meetings once a term. 


What are the aims of Pupil Parliament? 


  • Represent all pupils and includes a fair representation of the school.
  • Take time to listen to all pupils and communicate their views.
  • Feed back to pupils about what happened about their views.
  • Action decisions that have been made or explain why they can’t happen.



At the start of each new school year we hold elections for our different committees in school.  Each class votes for two children to represent them on School Council. Children are also elected for Eco Committee, Digital Leaders, Sports Council and Criw Cymraeg.

Our Pupil Parliament meets once a term.  Two children from each of the Committees in school represent their group at pupil Parliament. They take whole school issues, ideas and unresolved actions from their own committees  and feed them into the Pupil Parliament. Our Pupil Parliament has a 'School Cabinet' with a Primary Minister, Deputy Primary Minister and Ministers for different departments.  The Digital ministers will work alongside our ICT co-ordinators, the Eco ministers will monitor our carbon footprint around the school. The Sports ministers will work alongside Mrs Kyffin and Mr Stock to develop sports within our school. The Education ministers on School Council will be involved in the development of our Curriculum, they will feedback pupils' views about the new curriculum to the class teachers, make decisions on current issues after consultation with their peers and inform future planning.    


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