Spring Topic

Spring Term Curriculum: Our Spring Term topic is The Romans.

Class text: Our class text is called 'Diary of Dorkius Maximus'. The title character is a 12 year old boy who longs to be the greatest hero in Roman history. Unfortunately, his friends and family don't believe he has the makings of a mighty gladiator! This diary is a humours recollection of his life and provides an entertaining insight into what being a child in Roman times would have been like. 

English: We focus on the the features of playscripts this term. Our work leads towards us turning a scene from Dorkius Maximus into a playscript. We also continue to complete reading activities on a daily basis and complete weekly handwriting, comprehension and grammar lessons. 

Maths: This term we focus on multiplication and division and money. We will also look at sorting shapes and numbers into Venn and Carroll Diagrams. 

Science: This term we study recycling and at how long it takes materials to rot.

Cymraeg: As well as keeping up to date with language patterns we have previously learnt, we will also learn the following language patterns:

'Beth ydy dy enw di? (What is your name?)   .............. ydw i. (I'm ..............)

'Faint ydy dy oed di? (How old are you?)     Dw i'n .......... oed (I'm ...........).

'Ble wyt ti'n byw?' (Where do you live?)     Dw i'n byw yn ......... (I live in...........)

‘Beth ydy dy hobi di? (What is your hobby?) Dw i’n mwynhau....(I enjoy....)

We will also learn the Welsh poem 'Ailgylchu' (Recycling) for our Eisteddfod competition.

History: We learn all about the Romans, finding out information such as:

• Who were the Romans and when were they alive?

• Where did the Romans come from?

• Why did the Romans invade Britain and why were they successful?

• What have the Romans done for us?

We will also visit Chester's Roman museum for our school trip.

Art: We look at Roman mosaics and design our own Roman mosaics, as well as creating more modern versions. We also create a Welsh themed mosaic for our Eisteddfod competition.

Music: We listen to a piece of music depicting a Roman battle and respond to it by writing/drawing how each section makes us feel and what it makes us imagine is happening. 

Gymnastics: We revise the Body School Actions learnt in the Infants as well as learning some new ones. We will create flowing sequences in groups of different BSA's. 

ICT: We create a poster of Roman facts using Microsoft Word. We create a Roman mosaic design using 'Dazzle'. 

RE: Easter story.

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