National Eco Meeting Report

On the Thurdsay the 16th of November we went to the national eco meeting at Ruthin. The meeting was for schools who had there platinum flag, we learnt some interesting things about the life below water. 

 We started of by doing a activity to try and find the false fact about the ocean, us and another school got the right answer. It was that if you got all the plastic from the ocean and make it into a tower it would stretch to the moon and back (it was atcually two times)! The next next activity was sorting natural things and unatural things from a bag of sand into piles, suprisingly there was a lot of plastic in the sand! Then we made a group story about something unatural found in the ocean, we did the life cycle of a net and how it got into the sea, we then presented it. This was inspired by

After lunch we did a matching activity about good and bad fishing techniques. our very last activity was a platinum challenge where we had to make something out of plastic that we brought. We made a orange Starfish out of a plastic bag and rapper . It was a great day out and we learnt lots of new facts to bring back to school.

Reported by Amber and Evan  ( Eco council chairperson and secretary)                                                                                                                                    

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