What does your child learn at school each day?

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Foundation Phase Curriculum (For children aged 3 to 7)

The Foundation Phase Curriculum caters for the diverse needs of all children aged between three and seven. The holistic development of children and their skills across the curriculum lies at the centre of the Foundation Phase curriculum. Utilising a carefully structured and differentiated approach, teachers plan structured play activities to ensure the children encounter the learning experience intended. 

KS2 - The National Curriculum (7-11) and Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF)

The National Curriculum in Wales ensures a clear framework for curriculum and assessment to enable schools to raise standards of achievement. The introduction of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework and reading and numeracy tests for children in Year 2 – Year 6 has focused attention on a clear and progressive approach to further developing children‟s literacy and numeracy skills. 

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