Nursery Plus

Nursery Plus – A little bit about what we do.

Nursery Plus is a fee paying service which we offer to provide full daycare provision for busy working parents or to complement the half day session children are entitled to in school. 

Parents who access Nursery Plus may be entitled to the funded free childcare scheme offered by Welsh Government if your child is aged 3-4 and you work more than 16 hours per week.

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In Nursery Plus we set the foundation for when the children go into school, teaching them to share, socialise, sit quietly for stories, lining up, playing in small groups and staying in their groups. We work very closely with the Early Years unit and provide this additional service or 'wraparound care' which parents book and pay for in advance to meet their needs.

The children spend part of their time with us and then continue the rest of the day in school.  Throughout the year we help the children reach for the next step in their learning through observing the children and developing their ideas, and providing opportunities for children to be actively involved in their own learning.

Our day starts with the register and circle time, helpwr heddiw, and then the children choose where they want to play.


We also have free flow between the indoor classroom and the outdoor classroom. Each week we will introduce new interests to inspire and promote curiosity. Children are encouraged to pursue their own interests and we are always learning from them! The children have daily access to Continuous provision which includes: Sand, Water, Craft, Small World, Home Corner, Construction, Interactive Whiteboard, Outside Play including Digging area and Sand, Playdough, Table top activities including Jigsaws, Threading, Cutting.

Our snacks 

We have healthy snacks, which include fruit, yoghurt, biscuit, pancakes, toast or crumpets, and we have milk or water to drink.

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